Yara Zaya Launched Giveaway Of Her ‘Dare You’ Jacket


90 Day Fiance star Yara is launching a website, and to warm people up she has launched an awesome giveway of her “Dare You” jacket.

Yara Zaya may be chartering unknown waters as she gears up to launch a website. In preparation, The 90 Day Fiancé reality star launched a giveaway of her ‘Dare You’ jacket and fans are buzzing. When Yara got to the United States one of her biggest worries was what she would do when Jovi was away at work.

Jovi’s work schedule took him away from home for four weeks, wherein she would be left alone. The idea daunted her especially considering now she may have a baby girl. However, Yara has always marched to the beat of her drum and is an independent woman. Before Jovi, she dabbled in social media, makeup, and the like but now it seems she is taking her influencing career more seriously. She recently started a YouTube channel, focused on makeup, fashion, and beauty. Her recent video on her skincare routine received a lot of love from fans. Yara seems to be finding her niche and flexing her social media muscle. It can be very frustrating for foreigners when moving to a different country when you leave your support system behind, but it is great that Yara is finding her footing on the work front. Zied Hakimi seemed like he would struggle after leaving Tunisia but has found a group of Tunisian friends. The foreigners in this season of 90 Day Fiancé seem to be adjusting well. It is great to see Yara in her element.

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The giveaway on her Instagram account required people to follow her, like the picture, and tag 5 friends. Fans were incredibly excited and commented, “don’t mind me just trying to look super fly for in person teaching.” The jacket is a great fashion staple to have in your wardrobe, and is utterly stylish.

This endeavor will be a great way for her to be independent and support her family. Initially, Jovi and Yara were having problems. Especially with Jovi’s frequent drinking which viewers noted was excessive. Fans were not sure if the couple would last. However, their personalities are well suited to one another. They are both blunt, abrasive, and slightly spoilt in their way. They match each other perfectly.

Jovi’s mom had been putting pressure on the pair to have a small wedding party in preparation for their union, but it seems that they may have possibly gotten their Las Vegas wedding.

It will be interesting to see what Yara does with her new-found fame and how she continues to grow it. She does seem determined to succeed and surely with the backing of TLC fans she will succeed.

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