Will Virginia’s Drinking Ruin Her Marriage to Erik?


Virginia and Erik from Married At First Sight seem to be enjoying their new marriage, but will Virginia’s insistence on partying drive Erik away?

Virginia Coombs may have gotten married to Erik Lake on Married at First Sight, but she’s not ready to settle down quite yet. Will Virginia’s drinking and partying cause the demise of her marriage to Erik?

Erik, 34, married 26-year-old Virginia on episode 2 of the hit Lifetime matchmaking show. Erik, who was previously married, works as an airline pilot and is in the Air Force Reserves. Now, he hopes to find a wife who will join him in making life fun. The Married at First Sight experts matched him with Virginia, a customer experience specialist, who has been single for five years. She is tired of casual flings and desires a marriage that will offer stability in opposition to her divorce-riddled childhood. The pair seemed overjoyed to be married and spent the rest of the night laughing together. But despite their similarities, Erik and Virginia have already run into incompatibilities surrounding drinking and partying. The newlyweds had a frank conversation about their different attitudes surrounding drinking; Virginia confessed that going out is a big part of her social lifestyle, while Erik expressed that he had grown out of that phase of his life.

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Virginia’s drinking may also have caused problems with her new in-laws. Erik’s parents, whom he described as conservative and traditional, seemed to cast disapproving glances toward Virginia as she imbibed during the wedding reception. When Virginia met with Erik’s mother Donna the next day, she revealed that she was “fifty-fifty” concerning whether or not she wanted to have children. But according to SoapDirt, Erik’s mother actually did like her new daughter-in-law and any disapproval was due to editing. However, social media clues are inconclusive as to whether Virginia and Erik remain married to this day or whether their incompatibilities led to their divorce.

Erik Virginia Married At First Sight

Episode 4 depicted the beginning of the couples’ honeymoon in Las Vegas. Immediately upon arriving, Virginia opened the hotel minibar and started making plans to go out. Although Erik acquiesced and joined her for a glass of champagne, he seemed exhausted by Virginia’s boundless energy for partying and would have rather stayed in to relax. However, he told Virginia that because she had never been to Las Vegas before, he was happy to spend the trip doing whatever she wanted to do.

Teasers for upcoming episodes in season 12 show Erik and Virginia clashing over her friendships with other men. Erik emphatically asserted that men and women cannot be platonic friends, while Virginia defended her right to have friendships outside of the marriage.

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