Why Fans Want An Original Order Of The Phoenix Prequel Series


With the news that HBO Max might just be developing a Harry Potter series, fans have been speculating about which stories from the Wizarding World might be the focus of this new project. Of course, with no confirmation from HBO on if this is even really happening, the possibilities are endless – but there are definitely some fan-favorite contenders.

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One of the most likely possibilities is the story of the original Order of the Phoenix, possibly connecting to the photo that Harry is given of the members, that he displays in the Room of Requirement during DA meetings. A series centered on this group connects nicely to established characters, but is a story that could definitely be fleshed out in a TV show – and there are plenty of reasons for fans to get excited about the possibility.

10 Young Dumbledore/Voldemort

In the original Harry Potter series, Dumbledore is a venerable old man, in his long robes, with his long beard, and his even longer memory. However, one of the bright spots of the troubled Fantastic Beasts franchise has been the appearance of Young Dumbledore (played by Jude Law in some very spiffy suits). Seeing the Younger Dumbledore, and a younger Voldemort (perhaps with a nose, this time) would be fantastic.

9 Major Battles

Given that the original Order of the Pheonix was created due to the rise of Voldemort and the First Wizarding War, this is a story that would have plenty of action, big battles, and fight scenes for fans to enjoy.

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While the magic and charm of Harry Potter is certainly a huge part of the series’ popularity, the fight scenes often have the biggest impact – and of course, a series about the original Order could end with Harry’s parent’s deaths…

8 A Known Story

Because the details of the Order, where they end up, the First Wizarding War, and all the major players have already been covered in great detail by J K Rowling, there isn’t a need to create an entirely new story for the series – which isn’t a bad thing. Plenty of great concepts have fallen apart when trying to flesh out the details of an established world (Game of Thrones, and the decline in quality after the source material ran out, is the most obvious example). Because the broad strokes and characters are already created, the showrunners would just have to focus on how to tell it in the best possible way.

7 Period Piece

The incredible popularity of Stranger Things, and an uptick in films and series set in the ’80s and ’90s show that period pieces from only a few decades ago have the potential to be huge hits – especially with people who grew up in these time periods themselves.

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For Harry Potter fans, this would be a phenomenal idea, allowing for the kind of costuming and nostalgic details that would elevate this series into something more than a repeat of the original movies.

6 Familiar And Nostalgic

Nostalgia would also come into play as a way to appeal to fans of the original series – returning to known characters (especially those that had a larger part in the original, like Lupin, Snape, and Sirius) would be a great way to spark that nostalgic feeling. Familiarity has to be balanced with novelty in a project like this, to make sure that returning fans feel comfortable in a favorite world, but not bored by a story they already know too well.

5 Neville’s Parents

Neville is a major character right from the start, when he teaches everyone about the bravery it takes to stand up to your friends – and his parent’s story is a huge motivator for him. In the books, their story is fleshed out significantly more, but in the movies, they essentially only appear in a few comments and the photo of the original order. Seeing their story, a young Neville, and his grandmother, would be a treat for fans.

4 Pre-Azkaban Sirius

Sirius Black is a fan-favorite, but he’s only seen in the original series after he has spent years in Azkaban, and has been seriously affected by that trauma.

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As a result, he’s often jumpier, angrier, and more reactive than he would be, and of course, he is extremely limited as a wanted man. Seeing him before this terrible sentence would be a perfect way to gain perspective on the character.

3 Moves Away From Hogwarts

Harry Potter Hogwarts Halloween

While Hogwarts is a truly magical place, and fans of the original series would probably be happy to spend plenty more time there… it is the focus of multiple movies, games, and the stage play already, and it may well be time to move on to other areas of the wizarding world. The Order of the Pheonix, made up of young wizards who had left school, would mean that the story takes place in the adult wizarding world – which is likely to appeal more to fans who are now adults themselves.

2 Classic Themes

One of the biggest benefits to a series about the First Wizarding War is that it deals with some of the biggest, most classic themes in fantasy. Good versus evil, of course, but also the little guys banding together to take on the much larger evil threatening the world. This would be an underdog story that also deals with love, friendship, family, and betrayal – and those are all the ingredients for a perfect fantasy.

1 Harry’s Parents

Harry Potter parents mirror of erised

One of the biggest reasons to be excited about an Order of the Phoenix series, though, is the option to get to know Harry’s parents. While they have a few scenes in the movies, and a few more in the books, fans still don’t know as much as they would like to about Lily and James Potter – or about baby Harry. Seeing this young couple get married, attempt to start their lives in the wizarding world, and have Harry would be a beautiful story… one made all the more poignant because every fan knows how it will end.

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