Where to Find Stone Statues in Fortnite (Week 9 Challenge)


Players will need to dance in front of Stone Statues in Fortnite. This guide will show players how they can complete this Week 9 Challenge.

Players will need to emote in front of Stone Statues in Fortnite to complete a Week 9 challenge. This guide will show players where they can find the Stone Statues. Another week means another set of weekly challenges for players to finish. While the end of the season is still a way off, completing these challenges on a week-by-week basis is the best way to prevent falling behind in the game. Eventually, those players who wish to unlock everything in the battle pass will need to work extra hard to earn all of the experience needed. For this Week 9 challenge, the player will need to emote in front of a specific set of Stone Statues hidden on the map. This guide will show players where they can find them.

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A majority of the challenges for Week 9 require that players head to a specific location on the map. This challenge is pretty much the same. Completing the challenge itself isn’t the hard part but rather having to deal with other players trying to accomplish the same thing. The best thing to do before heading to the location of the challenge is to land around it and find a weapon to defend yourself. A game can end super quick if the player isn’t careful. Here is where players can find the Stone Statues for this location.

Where To Find The Stone Statues in Fortnite (Week 9 Challenge)

fortnite coliseum change flooded

Players will be able to find the Stone Statues on the northern end of Colossal Coliseum. The best part about this location is the various ways players can escape after completing the challenge. There will be two llama statues guarding an entrance into the Colossal Coliseum. All the player has to do is emote in front of the statue to complete the challenge. Try to be aware of your surrounding since this area is fairly out in the open. It just takes one properly aimed sniper bullet to take out the player before they can emote to complete the challenge.

Players will be rewarded with tons of experience points for finishing this challenge. The season will soon come to a close, meaning that players don’t have much time to complete everything they need to unlock all the battle pass items. Once the season is over, all of these locked items will go right back into the Fortnite vault where some may never return. Complete these challenges to unlock them all before it’s too late.

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