What Happened To Javen & Shari After Season 1?


Temptation Island introduced fans to Javen and Shari. Viewers thought they wouldn’t last due to infidelity issues however they are still together.

Temptation Island is coming back for a third season and fans cannot wait. The new rendition has so far given viewers two seasons. Shari and Javen appeared on the first season of the revamped Temptation Island, they were a couple with as many trust issues, as Stephanie and Ryan from 90 Day Fiance, but they made it through the grueling process and got engaged at the end. So, where are they now?

Javen and Shari were the couple no one thought would last. They met in high school and had been together for nearly a decade. Their biggest issue was trust. Javen had previously cheated in Shari and that was a huge point of contention. During their time apart on the show, Shari was worried that Javen was stepping out on her, like fans accused Dale Moss of doing to Clare Crawley. She attempted to get to know other people, but she simply was not interested, and although everyone thought Javen would cheat on her again, he was the only guy who did not cheat on his girlfriend. When the show came to an end, they both finally had clarity and knew they wanted to be together. At the last bonfire ceremony, Javen proposed to Shari.

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Now it seems the two are still together. They started their own podcast called The Shari and Javen Podcast, which acts as an informal Temptation Island update show. They interviewed Nicole and Karl, who were also on Temptation Island season 1. The podcast, however, has not been updated since August 2020. They do not feature much on Instagram, either, but they are definitely still in each other’s lives.

The two of them seem extremely happy, making them a Temptation Island success story. Although there were rumors swirling that Shari had ended up cheating on Javen, they managed to move past that. It seems that Temptation Island lessons may have helped after all. Hopefully, season 3 couples will be able to learn a thing or two.

There is no indication of whether the high school sweethearts will take the plunge and finally get married, but if social media is anything to go by, the two of them are happy and content and are keeping their relationship relatively private. They have managed to keep their relationship for themselves and their longevity seems to lie in their privacy.

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Source: The Shari and Javen Podcast

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