What Each Avenger’s Job Would Be In The Wizarding World


The Wizarding World is far more expansive and complex than one might imagine. Seemingly neverending, it has a wide array of professions that wizards and witches can venture into. Almost everyone knows about Aurors and Alchemists, but few have heard of Arithmancers or Hit Witches. Just like in the real world, this world seems to have something for everyone.

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If the Avengers belonged to the Wizarding World, they’d certainly find a profession they fit into. Each has a distinct personality, with particular strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for certain types of work. All of them would find a job where they’d excel, bringing their particular brand of talent to this already exceptional world of magic.

10 Steve Rogers – Auror

Steve Rogers‘ profession is the easiest to imagine: he’d most definitely be an Auror. Within the Wizarding World, Aurors are highly trained and skilled law enforcement officials in charge of investigating Dark-Arts-related incidents and apprehending Dark Wizards and Witches.

Steve Rogers is first and foremost a soldier, so as soon as he’d find himself in that new and exciting reality, he’d enlist to serve the Ministry of Magic. He’d certainly be an exemplary Auror, quickly rising through the ranks. And while it’d take him a while to master magic, his peak physical condition would allow him to endure extreme conditions as if they were nothing but a warm summer breeze.

9 Tony Stark – Inventor/Philanthropist

Another no brainer, Tony Stark would be an inventor in the Wizarding World, just like in the real one. His creations would revolutionize life for witches and wizards, for he would definitely find a way to enhance his high-tech inventions with the infinite power of magic.

As a Philanthropist, he’d dedicate his immense wealth to supporting different causes. He’d probably donate large amounts of money to the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, as well as other research institutions. MACUSA would also benefit from his support, and he’d be a prominent member of numerous charities.

8 Thor Odinson – Dragonologist

Adventurous, daring, and even a tad reckless, Thor is someone who enjoys a good challenge. He ventures into increasingly tough and hostile environments, yet always manages to come out on top, thanks to his quick mind and considerable power. As the literal God of Thunder, he is someone to be reckoned with.

Thor’s love for adventure would make him a perfect Dragonologist. A Magizoologist who specializes in the study of dragons, Dragonoligists are highly respected because of how dangerous their field of work is. They usually sport nasty cuts and burn marks, but they’d be mere scratches for Thor. His extensive education in Asgard would’ve probably covered dragons, so he’d go into it with a head start.

7 Natasha Romanoff – Hit Witch

Without a doubt the most sheltered, mysterious, and complex of the original six Avengers, Natasha Romanoff was someone who desperately wanted to make a fresh start. She had red on her ledger and wanted to wipe it out. However, she was still morally flexible and was comfortable with doing things most others would find reprehensible.

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Natasha would be the ideal Hit Witch. Within the Wizarding World, Hit Witches and Wizards are highly trained members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, sent to deal with high-risk cases. They’re prepared to engage in extreme combat, control riots, deal with hostage situations, and secure high-profile arrests, all of which are right up Nat’s alley.

6 Professor Hulk – Professor

Bruce Banner has one of the most brilliant minds in all the MCU. He is truly gifted, getting an impressive seven PHDs in his lifetime. Throughout his appearances, Banner achieves great feats, most notoriously mixing both his brains and Hulk’s brawns to create a fully-functional individual, Professor Hulk.

Hulk’s new persona would be right at home at Ilvermorny. He’d probably teach a new kind of No-Maj Studies, one that introduced concepts of Physics into the curriculum. His strange appearance wouldn’t be a problem in the magical community, and he’d maybe even find a way to revert to his human form while keeping the Hulk’s strength, via a potion or spell.

5 Clint Barton – Curse Breaker

One of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most impressive and gifted spies, Clint Barton might already be a wizard, for his talent and skill with the bow and arrow is nothing short of magical. Barton is also the most conventional of all the Avengers, as he’s the only one with a traditional home life, at least before the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Clint would be a good Curse Breaker. Typically freelancers, Curse Breakers lead a life of travel, adventure, and substantial, danger-related treasure bonuses. They remove, counter, or break curses placed on objects or places, and are usually employed, at least in the UK, by Gringotts.

4 Stephen Strange – Spell Creator

The Master of the Mystic Arts, Strange can already perform magic, albeit very differently than the witches and wizards in the Wizarding World. His technique and ability would certainly provoke fascination and his role as the protector of Earth would grant him an important place within the wizarding community.

Strange’s vast knowledge would make him ideal for Spell Creation. A highly dangerous and still rather mysterious art, Spell Creation ranks as one of the most respected fields among wizarding jobs. It remains shrouded in secrecy and the process is still somewhat obscure. However, if anyone can dominate the art, it’s Doctor Strange.

3 Wanda Maximoff – Wandmaker

A member of the Avengers whose powers are close to magic, Wanda is literally a witch. She’s still untrained and is mostly ignorant of the true extent of her abilities. Her immense power is obvious to everyone, though, and the Wizarding Comunity would acknowledge her as one of the most gifted individuals in the world.

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Wanda would probably venture into Wandmaking. Wandlore is one of the most ancient, complex, and still mysterious branches of magic, and Wandcraft is a highly respected and important activity in the Wizarding World. Wanda would probably mount a shop to sell her wands, finally having the peaceful life she so desires.

2 Carol Danvers – Quidditch Player

Higher, further, faster. Carol Danvers loved to fly, even before getting her powers. A former US Air Force fighter pilot, Carol becomes a superpowered, elite member of the Kree military unit Starforce. Aggressive, invasive, tough, and stoic, Carol can be quite intimidating, before and after meeting her.

Within the Wizarding World, Carol would be a famous and talented Quidditch Player. She’d relish the chance to fly, and while she’d be forced to use a broom to do it, she wouldn’t care. Her naturally aggressive instincts would make her a menace in the field, and she’d quickly rise to the position of Captain.

1 Peter Parker – Photographer

Sweet, honest, and naive Peter Parker would be absolutely fascinated by the Wizarding World. He’d believe he was living in one of those sci-fi and fantasy movies he loves so much and couldn’t believe his fortune. He’d question and explore everything, and would immediately start practicing his magic, not wanting to waste a single second.

Like his job in the muggle world. Peter would be a photographer. He’d work for any given publication, amazed by the moving pictures. He’d also enroll in school again, wanting to become a proper wizard, and would eventually consider joining either the Auror program or further study to become a Healer.

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