The Medium Split-Screen Technology Might Stay A Rarity (For Now)


According to a producer, Bloober Team doesn’t plan on using its split-screen technology in any game outside of The Medium for now.

The split-screen technology powering The Medium‘s dual reality gameplay is undoubtedly its hallmark feature, yet one Bloober Team producer says the studio has no plans to utilize the technology outside of its newest horror game for now. Bloober Team has had its finger on the pulse of this style of gameplay for quite some time. The studio originally unveiled The Medium nearly a decade ago, but consoles weren’t powerful enough to handle the technology’s demands.

Bloober Team doubled down on The Medium’s split-screen premise in 2016, filing a patent for simultaneous play in single-player experiences. This technology is used to good effect in-game, too. The Medium sees players assume the role of the titular medium, Marianne, a woman who can interact with the real and spiritual worlds simultaneously. Both worlds appear in split-screen during dual reality gameplay segments, wherein players solve puzzles and traverse obstacles in one reality in order to overcome whatever challenges present themselves in the other. However, the Polish studio’s efforts in innovating such technology may sit on the sideline now that its latest horror title is available on PC and Xbox platforms.

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In a Reddit AMA with Bloober Team, one fan questioned whether the patented split-screen technology would be used in other projects. An answer from a studio producer under the username DoorsInsideMyHead suggests the tech won’t receive use in any games outside of The Medium for the time being. The developer’s comment on the matter reads as follows: “It was an experiment and we’re now evaluating how the players reacted to it. Certainly it’s something that fits the theme of The Medium, but we have no plans to use it now in all our games.”

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Of course, this doesn’t mean Bloober Team is abandoning split-screen gameplay in its entirety. But its titles in the foreseeable future may not take advantage of that particular technology. At present, very little is known about what the Observer developer has planned for future projects, though designer Artur Łączkowski revealed Bloober Team is staffing up for its next big game.

Since The Medium quickly recouped development costs following launch, this endeavor was presumably profitable for the crew. Whether or not there are plans for a sequel remains to be seen. The potential is there, though, both in terms of narrative and gameplay. Plus, it’d be interesting to see where Bloober Team could take its ideas when applying player feedback.

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The Medium is out now on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: DoorsInsideMyHead

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