The Expanse Season 6’s Rocinante Roster & Alex Replacement Revealed


After the departure of Alex in The Expanse season 5, a total of three new additions have been set up for season 6. Here’s the new Rocinante roster.

Here’s the new Rocinante lineup for The Expanse season 6 following the enforced departure of Alex Kamal. Since the very first season of The Expanse in 2015, the four core members of the Rocinante have been James Holden (Steven Strait), Naomi Nagata (Dominque Tipper), Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) and Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar). Other faces have come and gone during that time – the likes of Avasarala, Prax and Bobbie – but all inevitably leave the ship instead of laying down roots permanently. Even in the original book series by James S.A. Corey, the main Roci quartet remain in place heading into the final volume, despite sometimes splitting off in separate directions.

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That’s no longer the case in The Expanse‘s TV adaptation. After filming wrapped on season 5, Cas Anvar was accused by multiple victims of harassment and misconduct. Several months later, following an internal investigation, an official announcement confirmed the actor would not be involved in the show’s sixth and final season. In accordance with Anvar’s exit, The Expanse‘s season 5 finale sees Alex suffer a stroke after burning the Razorback hard to save Naomi from the Chetzemoka. It’s a somewhat rushed demise, but a necessary one under the circumstances.

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This leaves an open slot on the Rocinante’s roster, and The Expanse has mooted several possible candidates over the course of season 5. But the final episode goes all-out by confirming two new additions to the main crew and heavily hinting towards a third. This is how the Rocinante team looks ahead of The Expanse season 6.

Bull Is The Rocinante’s New Pilot

Jose Zuniga as Bull in The Expanse season 5

In the aftermath of Alex’s death, filling the Rocinante’s empty pilot’s chair is an immediate priority. As Holden points out before setting off from Tycho Station, driving the Roci isn’t a simple task. The wheel of this Martian gunship isn’t fit for any average pilot, and a solid background of training and experience is needed to fly the Roci to her maximum capabilities. As a former member of the MCRN, Alex was ideally suited as The Expanse‘s pilot, and like-for-like replacements aren’t easily found. Fortunately, Carlos “Bull” De Baca comes pretty damn close.

Bull is serving under Fred Johnson at Tycho when Holden and the Rocinante arrive from Ilus, and when Johnson’s dies, both men are eager to bring vengeance upon Marco Inaros. Holden puts together a makeshift crew from Fred’s close followers and sets out in the Rocinante, with Bull assuming piloting duties personally, despite Holden’s insistence that his ship isn’t for amateurs. Bull proves to be an excellent stand-in, eating up enemy missiles with skillful maneuvering and ensuring the Roci remains healthy during battles with the Zmeya and the Free Navy. Holden also begins to temper Bull’s aggressive personality during their time together. In the final episode, the captain assertively tells his new pilot to stop using the derogatory term “skinny” on his ship. With a little reluctance, Bull follows the order.

The Expanse season 5’s finale all-but confirms Bull as Alex’s direct replacement by creating a neat visual connection between the two characters. In the moments following Alex’s death, Bull is found sitting in the Rocinante’s main seat sipping a cup of coffee. As he brings the metallic mug away from his mouth, the camera shows “Kamal” written upon the container. Bull is sitting in Alex’s seat, and drinking from Alex’s cup. It’s a safe bet he’s also taken Alex’s job.

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Clarissa Mao Is A Second Mechanic Alongside Amos

The Expanse Season 5 Nadine Nicole as Clarissa Mao

The second confirmed addition to the Rocinante crew ahead of The Expanse season 6 is Clarissa “Peaches” Mao. Introduced in The Expanse‘s third season as an antagonist hell-bent on revenge against James Holden, Clarissa eventually realizes the Roci gang aren’t so bad, even if they were instrumental in sending her father to jail. Since her foiled attempt to ruin Holden, Clarissa has been paying for her crimes in a high-security prison, while also reaching out to Amos Burton and striking up a long-distance friendship. Clarissa worked as a mechanic while being transported on the Roci as a prisoner, and left Amos impressed with her skills.

Amos now wants to save Clarissa from the misery of her past mistakes. Renaming his new friend “Peaches” and breaking her out of jail, Amos protects Clarissa while the Earth falls apart following an asteroid strike, and the pair now seem to be inseparable. As a convicted murderer, Clarissa doesn’t have many career options, but Amos cunningly manages to strong-arm Holden into letting her join the Rocinante crew. Despite the shock on Holden’s face when his old enemy walks onto the ship, he doesn’t bother voicing any opposition. Peaches is officially part of the family. Given her previous experience and close relationship with Amos, Clarissa will likely serve as another mechanic on The Expanse‘s main ship, assisting Amos and continuing to atone for a shady past.

Avasarala’s Speech Sets Up Bobbie Draper To Join The Roci Properly

Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper in The Expanse

Of all the characters to have enjoyed a temporary stint on the Rocinante, Bobbie Draper is undoubtedly the closest to being a “proper” member. Alas, Frankie Adams’ character has always ventured off for one reason or another, but The Expanse season 5’s ending strongly suggests that Bobbie will become a full-time addition to the Roci in season 6. Enjoying a get-together on Luna in the wake of Naomi’s dramatic rescue, Chrisjen Avasarala publicly addresses Holden and his friends. She claims that Marco Inaros tried so desperately to destroy the Rocinante because Holden’s band of “independent contractors” represent harmony between Earth, Mars and The Belt. For this to work, however, Holden needs representatives from all three factions. Previously, he and Amos held up the crew’s Earth end, while Naomi stood for The Belt, and Alex provided the Roci’s Martian quota.

Since Bull and Clarissa were both born on Earth, the Roci needs Bobbie to come in and represent Mars, ensuring all three sides are accounted for in The Expanse season 6. When Avasarala gives her address, it’s Bobbie she looks toward while hailing the interplanetary harmony of the Rocinante, confirming the former Martian marine is now the Red Planet’s foremost symbol of peace and cooperation, and therefore a vital component on board the Roci.

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Joining Holden’s crew as a full-time member also makes sense in terms of Bobbie’s character arc. As demonstrated in The Expanse season 4, Bobbie has lost her sense of identity on Mars, and has nothing to tie her to the planet. Throughout season 5, Bobbie was preoccupied by her investigation into the smuggling of weapons to the Free Navy, but that mystery has now been solved. The Expanse looked to be setting up a possible romantic connection between Bobbie and Alex, but that’s no longer an option, for obvious reasons. This leaves Bobbie at a loose end, and with the Rocinante in desperate need of a Martian, there’s no better time for her to join the crew permanently.

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