The Boys: 10 Questions About Homelander, Answered


Homelander is the most terrifying character on The Boys. He’s also incredibly interesting, so fans have many questions about the leader of the Seven.

The Boys is another one in a long host of superhero-drama shows that have been adapted from the comic-book world. From quirky characters to an engrossing storyline, the Amazon Original has all that it takes to become a household name in the coming years.

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A part of what makes The Boys so good is the antagonist group, the Seven, led by the irksome Homelander. He is the near-perfect answer to the almighty question – what if Superman turned to the bad side? Anthony Starr’s incredible portrayal of this devilish character has made Homelander one of the best superhero antagonists in recent memory. Fans everywhere want to know more about him..

10 What Is His Real Name?

Baby Homelander in The Boys

Homelander’s past needs unraveling and for one reason or another, barring the odd flashbacks, the writers haven’t fully gazed into his childhood. Nevertheless, in a few of those moments, he has been referred to as John, especially by the doctors working with him.

For someone to grow up and become like Homelander, he or she had to have a dark childhood. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if Homelander wasn’t even named properly as a boy.

9 Does He Have Parents?

Young Homelander in The Boys

There is no clarity with regards to Homelander and his parents. Vought likes to tell everyone that he was an alien who dropped down on Earth when in reality, he was raised in a lab by Jonah Vogelbaum.

He was not only used as a tool for anatomical experiments but he was also not given any parental figures to lean on. There are many wild theories as to who could be Homelander’s biological parents but until it is confirmed in the series, no one can know for sure.

8 How Similar Is He To Superman?

Superman Henry Cavill and The Boys Homelander Fan Art

Clark Kent and Homelander are not cut from the same cloth but despite the differences in their respective personalities and DNAs, their superpowers are largely identical. From X-Ray Vision to Heat Vision, Homelander resembles the threat posed by the Man of Steel.

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There is one big difference between them, though. While Homelander was given his powers through Compound V, Clark was born with them on Krypton.

7 What’s His Problem With Billy Butcher?

homelander billy butcher the boys

Homelander and Billy Butcher are sworn enemies and not in a respectful way. The hatred they share for each other knows no bounds; after all, Homelander ripped Butcher’s life apart by raping his wife.

Becca Butcher was left with no choice but to leave her husband if she wanted her son to survive and since then, Billy has been cursing Homelander for everything that is wrong with his life. It seems like Homelander’s actions were nothing personal towards Billy as he was just doing something evil.

6 Why Did He Kill Madelyn Stillwell?

Homelander Madelyn Stillwell The boys

Madelyn Stillwell’s death came as a huge shock to the fans. She was being groomed to become a hateful antagonist before she was murdered by Homelander in a very symbolic way. It was to do with the way Madelyn manipulated Homelander by making good use of his “lack of parents” problem.

It came to a point where Homelander couldn’t take the lying and he took the extreme step. It would be wrong to say that he didn’t regret his actions afterward.

5 What’s His Relationship Status?

Stormfront (Aya Cash) and Homelander (Antony Starr) in The Boys Season 2 Episode 7

Homelander and Madelyn shared a very complex relationship. It would be difficult to jot down what they felt about each other but all of it was very intimate. When Stillwell died, Homelander found himself alone in the world before he came across Stormfront.

They resonated with each other due to their shared hatred for non-supes but good things are not supposed to last for Homelander. Now Stormfront is heavily injured and Homelander is all alone again.

4 How Is His Relationship With His Son Like?

Antony Starr as Homelander Cameron Crovetti as Ryan Butcher The Boys

Homelander isn’t one for emotional relationships as he is a bit too selfish for that. But with his son, Ryan, the leader of the Seven genuinely saw an opportunity to become a better person.

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He wanted to be a role model for his kid but in the end, Homelander’s notorious ways got the better of him. In season 2, he tried to pull Ryan away from Becca and the move backfired miserably.

3 How Highly Is He Regarded At Vought?

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar Frederick Vought Antony Starr as Homelander The Seven Amazon The Boys

Vought, as a company, wouldn’t have been able to reach the heights they did without Homelander. The fear of his superpowers only helps in furthering his authority, as if his brand wasn’t enough.

The Seven runs on the instructions of Homelander and even though Vought would like for him to act as a stable individual at times, they wouldn’t mind it as long as he keeps bringing in money and power.

2 Is He A Psychopath?

The Boys Homelander plane scene

Homelander is just the kind of person for whom the word psychopath came into existence. It is unbelievable that a pathological psychopath like Homelander is the leader of the planet’s most powerful superhero group.

The unpredictability of his actions and the charm with which he acts in front of people are some of the things that make him a spiteful supervillain. Many have suffered a terrible fate owing to the mood swings of the mighty Homelander.

1 Does He Have An Endgame On His Mind?

The Boys Homelander

Homelander is a very intelligent character, but in the two seasons so far, he has failed to show any master plans in play. He had a great chance of getting rid of Butcher for good, but for some reason, he let him walk away and that cost him bitterly in the end.

Homelander, now, is more dangerous than ever and he wouldn’t be showing any mercy to The Boys come season three. He would like to end his quarrels with Butcher as soon as possible.

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