Thanos’ Snap Made Him an Enemy of Marvel’s Eternals?


The Eternals didn’t forgive and forget that Thanos wiped out half of life in the entire universe in the Infinity Gauntlet saga.

Spoilers for Eternals #2 below!

The Eternals have been shown to be willing to look past the transgressions of their own kind in some cases, but when it comes to Thanos, the cosmic beings aren’t going to soon forget the destruction he caused across the Marvel Universe. In the latest preview for Eternals #2, Ikaris comes face-to-face with the Mad Titan and notes that he is not ready to forget what Thanos did when he snapped half of life from existence.

Thanos and the Eternals have forever been connected, as the Marvel Comics villain was born to Eternals Sui-San and A’Lars. However, unlike his brother Eros (Starfox), Thanos was born with the Deviant gene which gave him his monstrous appearance. Thanos was always an outcast, even among the Eternals (he’s got some understandable mommy issues), and when he grew up he became the murderous Mad Titan readers are familiar with. After falling in love with Death, he wanted to impress her, so he gathered the Infinity Stones from across the universe and snapped half of all life from existence. While the snap was eventually reversed, the Eternals clearly think the action made him unredeemable.

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In previews for Eternals #2 by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles, Ikaris and Thanos fight across time in the Ruins of Titanos on Earth. Thanos has told Ikaris he intends on killing all of the Eternals for good (despite their ability to be resurrected) and when the pair meet, it’s revealed the Eternals see him as a blight to their race. He’s described as the “shame of the Eternals, blighted scion of their line,” who “once smeared half the universe between his fingertips and let the corpses tumble away as bloody dust,” – which is an apt description of Thanos’ conquest in Infinity Gauntlet saga.


It’s important to keep in mind that Sprite once nearly wiped out the Eternals as a whole and tried to destroy the Machine in order to become mortal. While she was killed by Zuras, when she was reborn and was forgiven. As for Thanos, Ikaris and the rest of the Eternals aren’t ready to extend that same forgiveness. It doesn’t help matters that Thanos immediately made it clear his sole goal was to permanently kill members of his own race who shunned him.

Thanos was outcasted for good reason. The Eternals saw how dangerous he was, which became even more obvious after the snap. There’s no room for forgiveness, as Thanos isn’t redeemable. He’s a Mad Titan through and through, thus making him the Eternals number one enemy. Readers will find out how Thanos and Ikaris’ battle through time ends when Eternals #2 is in stores later this week.

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