Recasting The Show If It Was Set In The UK


How I Met Your Mother was an incredibly popular sitcom, and with the entire show being set in the heart of New York City the cast relied heavily upon American and Canadian actors. This works perfectly for the setting of the show, and the series brought together some fantastic actors to bring the story to life.

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But if the show was rebooted across the pond, who would be the right people to cast? The UK has provided some incredibly talented actors and actresses throughout the years, many of which would have slotted into the show really well.

10 Lily Aldrin – Emilia Clarke

Lily Aldrin - Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke might be best known for being an incredibly serious role within Game Of Thrones, but she is someone who is incredibly funny as well. This has always been clear within interviews or press junkets, and seeing that side of her within television would be great.

The character of Lily is one that brings a lot of comedy throughout the show. She can be quite eccentric, but she is also very kind and full of love for her family and friends. Seeing this particular role taken on by Clarke would have worked well as she could certainly portray those traits.

9 Tracy McConnell – Jenna Coleman

Tracy - Jenna

The character of Tracy McConnell is obviously massively important due to her being (spoilers) ‘The Mother.’ She has to be someone who is able to slot into the group with ease, being very funny, while also being very kind and caring, making her a perfect mother.

Jenna Coleman would be the perfect person to take on this role in a UK version of the show. She’s someone who has a great personality and charm, which Tracy requires. She would slot into the group perfectly, and would be a natural fit into this role.

8 Arthur Hobbs – Greg Davies

Greg Davies - Bob Odenkirk

Arthur Hobbs is a hilarious character who is played well by Bob Odenkirk, and he works with both Barney and Marshall. He’s well-known for being quite an angry person who has no problem shouting and screaming at people, which is why he’s so memorable.

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Greg Davies would be a terrific option for this, being an intimidating presence due to his height but also having great comic timing to make this work. As he showcases via his role in The Inbetweeners, Greg Davies would be great being able to play this role as he’s very funny, but can also be the scary presence to make this character stand out.

7 Victoria – Florence Pugh

Victoria - Florence

Out of all of Ted’s partners on the show, Victoria is certainly one of the most influential to the overall story. She brings a great element of charm and mystery at points, and she and Ted certainly have a great relationship, even though it doesn’t end up working out.

Florence Pugh would be brilliant here as Victoria, as she is someone with a big personality who is able to be both charming and hilarious. She would be able to make Victoria just as charming and eccentric, which would make her relationship with Ted a real hit again.

6 Marshall Eriksen – John Boyega

Marshall - John Boyega

The character of Marshall worked so well because it was very over the top, and Jason Segel was brilliant at this. He was someone who really pushed the comedy hard but was also able to bring it all down with more heartfelt moments as well, putting a lot of heart and emotion into Marshall’s character.

John Boyega is someone who could be fantastic at this role. He’s someone who has a larger-than-life personality which can provide some amazing humor, but he’s just as talented at bringing heart and compassion, which he really highlighted in his work in the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

5 Marvin Eriksen – Jim Broadbent

Eriksen - Broadbent

Marvin Eriksen is a very important character in How I Met Your Mother, and he really showcases what it is like to be a brilliant father. Bill Fagerbakke played this role perfectly, being able to be similar to his son, being very caring, yet also being very funny, which is why his death is such an emotional point in the show.

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Jim Broadbent is someone who would take on the fatherly role perfectly. He has played a father before and he’s convincing in this type of position due to his kind nature, and that is exactly what is needed for the role of Marvin.

4 Ranjit Singh – Richard Ayoade

Ranjit - Richard

Ranjit Singh is one of the most important supporting characters within How I Met Your Mother as the cab driver for the group who is always around to help out. He comes out with some hilarious one-liners and brings tons of positivity to the show whenever he pops up.

Richard Ayoade would be somebody who could play this brilliantly, just popping in and out of the show with some funny moments. Richard Ayoade has tremendous comic timing and his sarcastic nature is something that would really suit this character.

3 Barney Stinson – Nicholas Hoult

Barney - Hoult

It’s hard to imagine anybody other than Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson, but Nicholas Hoult would be a great English option for this role. He is someone who has played a smooth talker before during his role on Skins, and that is what Barney is best known for.

He is a ladies’ man and a character who likes to play the field, using his various different idea and tactics to win women over. Nicholas is someone who could play that, while still making the character likable, which is what Neil Patrick Harris does so well.

2 Robin Scherbatsky – Michaela Cole

Robin - Michaela

The role of Robin Scherbatsky is a crucial one due to the fact that she is one of the lead characters and she has romances with two of the other leads. It’s one that is filled with personality and quirkiness, with this character being very unique.

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Michaela Cole is someone who would fit into this part perfectly. She’s a very smart actress who is able to really inject her own fantastic personality into every role she takes on. With fantastic fashion that could be placed into the part, and great comedic timing, it’s a no brainer that she’d be a great Robin.

1 Ted Mosby – Freddie Highmore

Ted - Freddie

Ted Mosby is the lead role for the series, and the show did a great job with the casting of Josh Radnor. He brought the perfect balance of heart, awkwardness, and humor to the role, and that is where Freddie Highmore could step in as the perfect casting for him.

Freddie Highmore has made a career out of being able to nail slightly awkward characters, making their quirks and differences actually stand out as strengths. There’s no doubt that he’d be a natural fit into the role of Ted, with this being the right balance of comedy and seriousness for him to really thrive in. 

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