PS5 Used To Create the Ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh Kaiba Cosplay


An inventive cosplayer on Instagram used the power of perspective to make a PlayStation 5 appear to mimic Kaiba’s armor from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh.

Those who have managed to get their hands on a PlayStation 5 usually enjoy them for their gameplay, but one enterprising fan has taken to using their crafting skills to create a fantastic Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay. Of course, this joke probably lands flat for the many frustrated gamers who are still waiting for their PlayStation 5 to arrive. Luckily, Sony has announced that they are planning to up their inventory for the coming year, with a goal of selling 14.8 million units in the year 2021.

The PlayStation 5’s design has been the subject of memes and jokes, with many fans comparing its look to a robot, Stormtrooper, or Yu-Gi-Oh character Seto Kaiba. When the PlayStation 5 was initially revealed, consumers were less than impressed with the sleek, futuristic, white look. Of course, most gamers cared more about the PlayStation 5’s hardware and processing capabilities, which were top-of-the line. Ultimately, though, the biggest story of the PlayStation 5 after release was how hard it was to get a hold of one.

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One lucky PlayStation 5 owner, Instagram user lowcostcosplayth posted a picture of himself not playing on his PlayStation 5 but instead crafting it into a costume. Using the white fins of and the main body of the console itself, combined with two of the controllers on either side, certainly makes him look like the Yu-Gi-Oh character Kaiba. Kaiba begins the Yu-Gi-Oh series as the enemy and rival of protagonist Yugi Moto, but eventually the grudge morphs into a mutual respect.

While many gamers might be infuriated at the thought of an owner of one of the few PlayStation 5’s that are out for purchase ripping it apart just to make a cosplay, they need not fret. Through the magic of perspective, lowcostcosplayth merely makes the PlayStation 5 and controllers appear to be his costume. The precious PlayStation 5 hardware is very likely still intact.

Even still, this marks another prime example of the crossover between video games, anime, cosplayers, and social media. Already, the post has over 150,000 likes on Instagram one day after being posted and has been shared around various gaming communities. While lowcostcosplayth isn’t living up to his Instagram handle with this creation (since the PlayStation 5 retails for $500 at most major retailers when available), he’s certainly managing to be creative and inventive. Though, in all likelihood, most of those gamers who do not have a PlayStation 5 will be needing some of that creativity to fill time until the next round of restocks becomes available.

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Source: lowcostcosplayth/Instagram

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