Mike Fleiss Teases New Bachelorette Announcement During Super Bowl


Mike Fleiss posted that, if the Super Bowl halftime show is boring, he will announce The Bachelorette. Reality Steve recently broke the news.

It appears there will be more to watch Sunday than who wins the Super Bowl. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette creator Mike Fleiss posted before kickoff that, if the halftime show is boring, he will announce who will be the next The Bachelorette during the third quarter.

Reality Steve announced late Saturday night that he could confirm that the next Bachelorette will be Katie Thurston, and she’d be announced as the Bachelorette on the Women Tell All. Katie posted on her Instagram Story a semi-response, saying the news of who the new Bachelorette may or may not be was a surprise to her. The new lead of The Bachelorette is generally announced on the After the Final Rose special. This allows the season to play out before any final decisions are made. There have been exceptions. Rachel Lindsay, who has been outspoken about the current season, was revealed as The Bachelorette before she was eliminated on her season. This could happen again if Mike Fleiss makes good on his claim that he might make the news official about the next Bachelorette.

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On Sunday, a little over a half-hour before kickoff, Mike Fleiss (@fleissmeister on Twitter), Mike wrote “If the halftime show really sucks, I will announce the identity of your new #TheBachelorette at the beginning of the 3rd quarter!!!” This is likely a reaction to the sense that much of Bachelor Nation now has a good idea who will be the next lead of the show. Fleiss is probably aware he would not be shocking too many fans at this point. If he does indeed tweet that Katie is The Bachelorette, it will officially spoil that Katie and Matt James are not engaged. That would hardly be a shock, since Katie has hardly been featured with Matt this season.

It has been reported that Katie will be selected for a one-on-one date with Matt on Monday’s episode, where Tyler Cameron will make an appearance, and Matt will send Katie home. If Reality Steve’s report is true, Katie will be one of the only former contestants to be selected as a lead despite not being one of the finalists. She will have earned her position as The Bachelorette by being the voice of moral conscious among a cast that has become infamous for its incessant bullying.

Fleiss’ tweet was more than likely a ploy to send some attention his way while Bachelor Nation awaits the inevitable official announcement. Even if he did want to break the news, there’s not a good chance The Weeknd will put on a halftime performance that will “suck.” Bachelor Nation will probably have to wait until the Women Tell All to know the truth.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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