MCU: 10 Actors You Forgot Were In The Ant-Man Movies


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being the biggest film franchise in history, it’s hard to consider that anything from it is forgotten. The loyal fans of these films are known to rewatch them and follow the overarching storylines closely. Alas, the Ant-Man films do rank towards the bottom for a lot of fans of the series.

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That’s not to say they aren’t great or enjoyable films because they are. They’re just the ones that gross less at the box office than the stories about Spider-Man, Iron Man, or even the Guardians of the Galaxy. There also hasn’t been a ton of crossover between these movies and others, so some actors involved can get forgotten.

10 Garrett Morris

Garrett Morris is one of those comedians who almost everybody can recognize almost instantly. He has dozens of credits to his name including The Jamie Foxx Show2 Broke Girls, and Martin. However, it’s his long career on Saturday Night Live that is significant here.

While on SNL, Morris actually became the first actor to portray Ant-Man in live-action form. He donned the superhero suit for a hilarious sketch in 1979. To honor that, he was given a cameo in 2015’s Ant-Man, playing a taxi driver in a short scene.

9 Gregg Turkington

Gregg Turkington as Baskin-Robbins manager in Ant-Man

Speaking of comedians who have roles that are overlooked in this series, there’s Gregg Turkington. That name might not seem familiar because a lot of Turkington’s work comes under his stand-up performer name of Neil Hamburger. He has many credits in film, television, and even as a musician.

His role is a bit more significant in the first Ant-Man than Morris’. Turkington plays Dale, the manager at Baskin-Robbins while Scott Lang works there. Since Baskin-Robbins always finds out, Dale uncovers Lang’s past, and though he’s impressed and a fan, he has to fire him.

8 Riann Steele

Riann Steele peers around a corner

Here’s one that is certainly easy to overlook because it comes in a scene where so much is happening. During the flashback in Ant-Man and the Wasp detailing what happened to Ava Starr/Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen), her mother Catherine is quickly shown.

While it is hard to fully catch given the intensity and the action of the moment, Catherine is played by Riann Steele. She is most known for a recurring role on The Magicians but she has also shown up in LegaciesMisfits, Doctor Who, and NCIS: New Orleans.

7 Brian Huskey

A trend among the actors who appear on this list is that they have often had bit parts on other films and shows, even if they aren’t huge names. That’s the case again with Brian Huskey, who has had a long career with dozens of films and television show appearances.

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The most notable works of Huskey’s career would probably be his role in Children’s Hospital or in People of Earth. His time in Ant-Man and the Wasp is short but hilarious as he plays a teacher at the elementary school of Scott’s daughter, Cassie. The scene infiltrating it is one of the best in the movie.

6 Tim Heidecker


Like many others listed so far, Tim Heidecker is a versatile performer. Along with his career as an actor, he has also worked as a musician, director, and writer. He’s one half of Tim & Eric with Eric Wareheim, where together they created things like Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, Heidecker has a small role as Daniel Gooobler, a whale boat captain near the end of the film. Of note, Heidecker actually works with the aforementioned Gregg Turkington on the show Decker and in the web series On Cinema, where they do fun film reviews.

5 Divian Ladwa

Sonny Burch and his henchmen

It’s always a blast to spot someone in a major motion picture like Ant-Man and the Wasp and realize that they actually appeared in another notable role. Divian Ladwa falls into that category as his part in the MCU flick was small, playing Uzman, a henchman for the villainous Sonny Burch.

Before taking part in the MCU, Ladwa scored a role in 2016’s Lion, which was up for Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Ladwa’s career actually features another acclaimed series. He was part of the main cast of the BBC show Detectorists as a character named Hugh.

4 Martin Donovan

Martin Donovan in Ant-Man

Martin Donovan might be the actor with the most experience on this list. Donovan has been performing since the ’80s. He rose to prominence in the ’90s in movies such as Surviving Desire, Simple Men, Malcolm X, and The Book of Life during that decade.

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He was also known in the 2000s for his work on the Showtime series Weeds. In Ant-Man, he took on the role of Mitchell Carson, someone who works for Hyrda and tries to buy the Yellowjacket technology. Donovan added to his superhero credentials with a recurring role in D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow.

3 John Slattery

Howard Stark in Ant-Man

This is an interesting entry because most fans know that John Slattery is a key member of the MCU. Since Iron Man 2, he has taken on the important part of playing Howard Stark. He even reprised the role as recently as in Avengers: Endgame for a scene with his son Tony.

However, Slattery’s appearances as Howard are mostly remembered for those films in the Iron Man and Avengers series, as well as a short piece of Captain America: Civil War. It’s often overlooked that he’s part of the opening flashback scene in Ant-Man.

2 Hayley Atwell

Along those same lines, there’s Hayley Atwell. She’s even more of a part of the MCU and has been very popular since Captain America: The First Avenger. As Peggy Carter, Atwell was the lead of the Agent Carter series and appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

She is most known for the Cap trilogy and her series, as well as in the final scene from Avengers: Endgame and not Ant-Man. That said, she joined Slattery in the opening scene of the first film as members of S.H.I.E.L.D. dealt with the resignation of Hank Pym.

1 Wood Harris

Wood Harris as Gale in Ant-Man

It’s quite disappointing that more people don’t recall Wood Harris being in the original Ant-Man. He is listed as part of the main cast and is showcased in some memorable scenes as Gale, the police partner to Bobby Cannavale’s Paxton.

In fact, Harris gets to deliver the great line of, “That’s a messed up looking dog,” when he sees a giant ant leave Paxton’s home. Harris didn’t return for the sequel but has gone on to nab roles in things like Creed, Blade Runner 2049, and Empire. He’s most known for his performance as Avon Barksdale in The Wire.

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