LoL Streamer IWillDominate Allowed By Riot Games To Resume Co-Streams


Banned League of Legends streamer IWillDominate has been allowed after seven months to resume co-streaming the League Championship Series by Riot.

League of Legends streamer Christian Rivera, better known on Twitch as IWillDominate, will be permitted by Riot Games to co-stream the League Championship Series (LCS) again, after having been removed from the League Partnership Program back in July. Rivera has been appealing the decision since it came down the pipeline, and it looks as if his efforts have paid off.

Rivera was once known as one of the most prolific content creators in the LoL community, particularly on Twitch, but he was not without controversy. He had been flagged by Riot for previous behavior and was on probation by the time of his expulsion. Riot explained in the email sent to Rivera detailing his removal that posts he’d made on social media accounts were against Riot’s policies meant to foster an inclusive environment. But Riot, on the other hand, has been embroiled in its own fair share of controversy, particularly concerning the now-aborted LEC deal with NEOM, a city project in Saudi Arabia, a country with a blatantly wretched history of abuse against the LGBTQ+ community and women, and its current ongoing class action lawsuit against female former employees alleging sexual harassment and abuse inside Riot’s own four walls.

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Riot never specifically mentioned what Rivera had said that violated the company’s policy in the email he’d received, leaving him and his fans to speculate on what infraction had earned him the ban. Rivera appealed the decision over the seven months it was enforced, but with seemingly little luck. But whatever he did to appeal to Riot’s mercy seems to have paid off, as he has been officially permitted to co-stream the LCS again. He announced via Twitter that his ban had been rescinded, and his fans swiftly applauded.

Riot’s determination to restore its tainted public image was a likely factor in its decision to bar Rivera from the LCS, especially as they now have a particular sensitivity towards anything that hints at an attack against inclusivity, but that’s entirely speculation. Rivera was hardly the most controversial figure to stream on Twitch, and in regards to his social media presence, he deserved at least the benefit of knowing what he’d said that had gotten him into trouble, instead of leaving him to figure it out on his own.

Riot has a long way to go before it’s sufficiently cleaned up its act, and Rivera could probably stand a little more caution in that respect as well. But Rivera has always been a passionate streamer with a real love for his craft, and hopefully the League of Legends community will soon see that that passion is still burning strong after seven months off.

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