Kandy Muse & Tamisha Iman Fight It Out


On this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, the feud between Tamisha Iman and Kandy Muse comes to a head. Only one of these queens will make it to next week!

Season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race is in full swing. Last week, two queens almost started fully swinging on each other. Last week’s episode brought the most intense drama in recent memory. This week starts off with the same bang!

Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman continue their wild fight from last week’s Untucked. They are still furious at each other after Tamisha called Kandy “arrogant” and Kandy flipped her lid. Unfortunately, Kandy still does not get Tamisha’s point. As Utica says in a confessional, “Tamisha says what she is thinking. Kandy can dish it out but she can’t take it.”

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Since Gottmik won the challenge last week, they get to pick a couple to make a three-person team with for the mini and main stage challenges. Gottmik picks Kandy Muse and Tina Burner. Symone picks LaLa Ri. Denali and Rosé pair up, Utica and Olivia Lux pick each other and Tamisha Iman is left with Elliott with 2 Ts.

Kandy Muse RuPaul's Drag Race cropped

Tamisha Iman reveals that she has an ostomy bag attached to her stomach. This queen is competing against girls half her age; she just finished treatments for cancer and she is going down the runway with a colostomy bag? That is powerful.

This week on the mainstage, the queens are asked to do a disco dance in pairs. Gottmik, Tamisha, and Kandy have named themselves the Mean Girls. If only someone accidentally kicked the boom box that interrupts the plastics in Mean Girls the movie… then we would not have to watch this very bad dancing. Tina does alright. Kandy and Gottmik are a mess.

Elliott and Tamisha do a cute Hoola-hoop dance, but Tamisha gets notes from the judges that she seemed to be “in her head.” Again, the woman is dancing with an ostomy bag. What do they expect from her? Utica and Olivia are truly exciting and they deserve their own toothpaste commercial for these gorgeous smiles. Rosé and Denali slay the moves, but Rosé is lifeless behind the eyes. She seems to be such a perfectionist that she never lets loose and has fun. This Rosé is not… sparkling.

The runway theme is “a little black dress.” Tina Burner starts the party with a very well-structured reveal, but her runways have been a real bummer. Tina is one of the most exciting queens to see live. Hopefully, she turns this runway journey around. Kandy Muse has a hand-painted little black dress lewk. It’s very creative and looks great on her. Gottmik brings down the house with her tiny little black dress that exposes most of their body. It is very powerful and so exciting to see transgender representation on this show. Elliott with 2 Ts does the assignment exactly as requested and it’s pretty good! It is a cute and sleek little black dress. Tamisha Iman looks gorgeous. She made this dress! Olivia Lux has a very simple Super Sweet 16 dress on, but what a star she is. Her hair is humungous and it totally steals the show. Utica is painted gold as she comes out as her own earrings. It is fabulous but the judges do not like it. Denali looks sickening. Rosé has the fire to stay in this competition, but does she have the tulles? Yes. All she ever wears is tulle lately. Enough. LaLa Ri looks pretty but as usual, it is not in the same camp as the other competitors. Symone shuts the runway right down. Her hair is iconic and her dress is so gorgeous. This is the queen to beat.

The top three of the week are Olivia Lux, Tina Burner, and Elliott with 2 Ts. The bottom three are Tamisha Iman, Kandy Muse, and Utica. This is all very shocking. The judges did not care for Utica’s runway, and they thought she was too silly in the dancing challenge.

Olivia Lux is declared the winner. This is absolutely the right choice. She was gorgeous on the runway and an undeniable star in the challenge. The bottom two are Kandy Muse and Tamisha Iman. Some people on Twitter are calling this move “manufactured” because the two queens have been fighting in the Werk Room. They both deliver a very strong lip-sync performance but ultimately Kandy Muse wins the lip sync.

Fan favorite, Tamisha Iman is asked to sashay away. It is very shocking and extremely sad. She brought so much grace, excellence, and joy to this show. She is an undeniable star.

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