Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says He’s Counting On The Boys Season 3 Role


Though production schedules might not line up, Jeffrey Dean Morgan still wants to appear on Amazon Prime’s The Boys, perhaps for season 3.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still counting on getting a role in The Boys season 3. Morgan currently stars on The Walking Dead as villain-turned-antihero Negan, though he’s made his mark on several other projects too. Supernatural fans know him well as John Winchester, the father of leading men Sam and Dean. His stint on Supernatural introduced him to Eric Kripke, who currently serves as showrunner for Amazon Prime’s hit superhero satire The Boys. That connection between the two led Kripke to approach Morgan about a role on The Boys, perhaps for the upcoming season 3.

However, it isn’t quite clear if Morgan will get to join the world of the supes just yet. The coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into many production plans, particularly when it came to The Walking Dead. Season 11 was delayed by the pandemic, and Morgan has only just started work on it. At the same time, The Boys season 3 is gearing up for its own filming start, and there’s a chance coronavirus has messed with Morgan’s plans to join the series.

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Despite that, Morgan still intends to show up on The Boys. Over the weekend, Morgan was asked on social media if he’s still up for a Boys role. He replied by saying he’s “Counting on it.” Morgan then tagged Kripke in the tweet and made sure he was listening. Coronavirus might have messed with his initial plans, but Morgan isn’t giving up his Boys dreams just yet.

Based on their filming schedules, it’s hard to say whether Morgan could still appear on The Boys season 3. While that show shoots up in Canada, The Walking Dead‘s production is based in Georgia, and with the pandemic still raging, travel while working isn’t so simple. The Boys season 3 might have to proceed without him, though there’s still a chance for a part in a future batch of episodes. Though Amazon hasn’t renewed The Boys past the third run, Kripke has said he has at least five seasons planned. Morgan likely has more chances to reunite with Kripke.

Sadly, though, Morgan missing out on season 3 might stop another Supernatural reunion from taking place. Jensen Ackles, who played Dean on the long-running CW show, will play Soldier Boy in The Boys season 3. Fans likely would’ve loved to see Dean and John appear onscreen together once again, albeit in different roles. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen. However, unless Morgan can work something out in his filming schedules, it might be a little bit longer before he makes it over to The Boys. Hopefully, it’ll come together sometime in the future.

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