How Much It Costs To Eat At The Las Vegas Restaurant


The Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas gives fans the full HK experience, minus the competing chefs. Here’s what dinner there will cost you.

For everyone who has wished they had a chance for a free meal cooked by the aspiring chefs of Hell’s Kitchen, you can come very close to that experience at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. However, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for your Beef Wellington and scallops.

The first season of Gordon Ramsay’s Hells Kitchen was set in Los Angeles, with the premise that Gordon was starting a new restaurant there his contestants would cook in. Diners were offered free meals, and the fact that their dinner was being made by inexperienced chefs did not scare customers away – the restaurant always had a long waiting list. Now, with the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas, fans can have the full experience of the show, minus the cameras and competing chefs. Hell’s Kitchen describes itself as “drawing inspiration from” the reality show, and the décor does pay homage to the series, with pitchforks, red and blue flames, and studio lights in the interior. The food will also feel familiar to fans, as Hell’s Kitchen offers all the classics, including Beef Wellington, scallops, and risotto. There’s no word on the lamb sauce, however.

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So, how much will these classic dishes cost you? It depends on when you go and how you order. An a la carte Beef Wellington costs $63.95, according to the Hell’s Kitchen menu offered by Caesar’s Palace, where the restaurant is located. On their own, pan-seared scallops cost $25.95, and lobster risotto is $26.95. However, if diners choose the prix fixe menu they can save a considerable amount of money. You can get three courses, including scallops, Beef Wellington, and sticky toffee pudding, for $85.95. There’s also a seasonal prix fixe menu with most of the Hell’s Kitchen classics for $75.95. If you want to pair a glass of wine with each course, the signature prix fixe option goes up to $135.95. Thrifty fans can go for lunch, where the same menu only costs $65.95, or $115.95 with wine.

Most fans will likely want to stick to the classics, but Hell’s Kitchen offers other dishes that seem equally delicious. The baked mac and cheese is only $13.95 and could likely fill some light eaters up on its own. Brussels sprouts with maple shoyu glaze, Calabrian chili, and glazed bacon lardons are a tempting $13.95 as well. More decadent items cost more, like the filet mignon, which is $59.95. A Caesar salad is $19.95, but is an option on the prix fixe menu and seems to be popular among Yelpers. Cocktails are just as expensive as the food, but a “Notes from Gordon” might be worth its $18 price tag – it comes with a “message from Gordon,” which is a quote he has said from the show. One lucky guest got a note that read, “This soup is so watery, Michael Phelps wants to swim in it.”

For fans of the Hell’s Kitchen series, the food and drink prices at Gordon’s Las Vegas restaurant may be worth it for the experience of being a diner in Hell’s Kitchen, while others may find it too touristy. But there’s one thing all reviewers can agree on: Try the sticky toffee pudding.

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Source: Caesar’s Palace

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