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As Mass Effect: Legendary Edition’s release approaches, fans are left wondering how the BioWare remaster will handle community-made mods.

The coming release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition has fans buzzing about the remasters’ changes and new features. But along with the excitement, there’s also worry, as it’s not clear how the Mass Effect remasters will accomodate the series’ modding community.

In general, modding is an important aspect of many PC games, as gamers often buy PCs and PC games just to enjoy their independently made fan content. Being no small part of this practice, the original Mass Effect trilogy boasts an impressive community of modders who have integrated HD retextures, original companion characters, and even alternate endings into the games. In the wake of Legendary Edition‘s announcement, fans have been wondering how efficiently their favorite Mass Effect mods can be applied to the remasters, as well as how easily new mods could be made for the new versions.

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So far, the answer to these questions seems to be that fans will have to do a fair amount of work if they want to enjoy any classic mods in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Likewise, the remaster isn’t likely to be any easier to mod than its predecessors. In an interview with Game Informer, Game Director Mac Walters estimated Legendary Edition mods would be roughly as easy to install as Mass Effect 3, one of the more difficult games to mod in the series.

How Easy Will It Be To Mod The Mass Effect Remaster?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Art With ME3 Earth Invasion Backdrop

While the ease with which modders can create new mods is unknown, Walters did not give any indication BioWare has designed the remaster to conveniently accept old mods into its framework. Given Legendary Edition‘s fairly extensive gameplay tweaks – particularly for Mass Effect 1, which will have many alterations to unify the trilogy’s combat and controls – it’s hard to imagine any mod for the original releases would transfer easily. Many mods will likely need to be remade.

This does not necessarily mean enjoying classic mods in Mass Effect Legendary Edition will be impossible, but only time will tell if modders decide to put in the effort to remake their previous work. Still, the fact that the Mass Effect games will be unified under one system could present an opportunity for new mods to do things their predecessors couldn’t. It might be possible for a single mod to stretch across all three games with greater ease than ever before.

Unfortunately, Mass Effect‘s fan base won’t really understand how exactly Legendary Edition behaves with mods until it comes out. If all goes well, the remaster could reignite a classic series’ modding community. Luckily, even if the new game’s mod potential is a flop, fans will always have the original versions to play. They may not be as shiny or as cohesive as Legendary Edition is marketed to be, but they still have the same stories and systems that enamored fans from the beginning.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is set to release on May 14, 2021, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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