Fuse Character Guide (Tips, Tricks, & Strategies)


Fuse is the newest character to join the ever-evolving roster of Apex Legends. This guide will provide tips, tricks, and strategies to play him.

Fuse is the newest character to join the roster of Apex Legends. This guide will show players tips, tricks, and strategies for playing as them. When playing Apex Legends, teams are broken up into groups of 3. Each character comes along with their own set of abilities that will help them on the battlefield. Ultimately (especially when playing with friends), players will want to create a solid team composition that helps benefit one another. Characters like Pathfinder are great for recon and reaching high up locations in an instant. Fuse is the bombastic explosives expert of the game. Here is everything players need to know about him in Apex Legends.

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Every time a new character is added to a game like this, it completely changes the metagame. Whether it be that the character is too powerful or every player attempts to counter them to keep their dominance. In the case of Fuse, this character benefits from disorienting players with his wide selection of explosive weapons. The character benefits from ranged battles and can keep his distance as a distraction while your teammates can get up close and personal. Here is everything players need to know about Fuse’s move set and how to properly use it.

Fuse Character Guide in Apex Legends

As with all the other characters, Fuse has 3 special abilities that can help him on the battlefield.

  • Tactical Ability: Knuckle Cluster: This weapon launches a cluster bomb that continuously expels airburst explosives on impact. This is great for psyching out your opponent whether they are trying to hold a point or location.
  • Passive Ability: Grenadier: Stack on extra grenade per inventory slot. Fuse can also throw them faster and much more accurately. Great for those players who are unable to aim as well.
  • Ultimate Ability: The Motherlode: Launches a bombardment that encircles a target area surrounded by a wall of fire. Trap your enemies in a single location and watch the hellfire finish the job.

Ultimately, Fuse is a character that will be helpful for removing enemy teams for capture points or inside of buildings. This is a great character to flush out enemies to deal with them head-on. Although, Fuse might struggle with close-combat or battles that take place in wide-open areas so be careful. This is definitely a character that benefits by throwing off the enemy team’s game with his massive selection of weapons. The metagame for this character will develop as the game continues.

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Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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