Fortnite & Fall Guys Crossover Seems Imminent After Datamine Leak


A new datamine leak suggests that new Fall Guys content, likely skins but possibly new levels, inspired by Fortnite could be coming soon.

Two of the most popular battle royale games, Fall Guys and Fortnite, appear to be heading on a collision course, according to a new leak. Both Fall Guys and Fortnite have been known for their crossovers in the past. Most recently, Fortnite announced that it would be doing a crossover event featuring the Predator franchise and previously crossed over with Rocket League.

Fortnite rose to massive popularity due to its colorful, less serious nature, in contrast to more serious games like PUBG. Epic Games’ flagship property has also been bold in its willingness to cross over with multimedia properties, partnering with celebrity players, and making the game a virtual event space. Fall Guys, on the other hand, was a brand new twist on the battle royale genre. While it maintained Fortnite’s bright, silly vibe, Fall Guys switched the format so that players were eliminated based on their placement in frustrating obstacle-course levels.

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However, Twitter user FNLeaksAndInfo appears to have recovered some interesting information through data mining recent Fall Guys update data. The newest data strings contain explicit references to Fortnite, not only in the string names but also in references to Llama, Brawler Bunny, and Peely. All of these are references to existing Fortnite skins that have crossed over into other games, which gives keen observers a good indication as to how this crossover would happen.

It seems quite likely that Fall Guys will, at minimum, get new Fortnite-inspired Fall Guys skins during the event. While players may be clamoring for the addition of guns, building mechanics, or vehicles like those Fortnite players are able to use, they would probably be difficult to integrate. Potentially there could be a new level or challenge based on Fortnite, perhaps where players have to build or climb a tower while being able to destroy those that their competitors build. But it is quite far-fetched to think that Fall Guys players will be running around wielding an assault rifle or pickaxe.

In any case, a Fall Guys/Fortnite crossover is almost guaranteed to be a hit. Both games remain insanely popular, with Fortnite boasting over 300 million players as of May 2020 and Fall Guys still having over 10,000 concurrent players this year. Whatever the crossover brings, be it just cosmetics, a new game mode, or something completely new, one thing is for sure. It’s going to be weird and players everywhere are going to love it.

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Source: FNLeaksAndInfo/Twitter

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