Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Expansion Release Date Revealed


The release window for Final Fantasy 14’s Endwalker expansion has been revealed in the game’s newest cinematic trailer from Square Enix.

The newest expansion for Final Fantasy 14, titled Endwalker, has been revealed. The game’s last expansion, Shadowbringers, launched in July 2019, putting two years between the last major DLC and the upcoming addition of Endwalker. While little is known about any new classes or major story details debuting with Endwalker, rumors indicate, as suggested by the game’s director, that the expansion could bring about the end of Final Fantasy 14’s story this year.

Final Fantasy 14 is the second MMO to launch in the Final Fantasy franchise. The game follows a typical MMORPG formula, with players able to fulfill the role of tank, healer, or DPS while tackling the title’s steady stream of content, such as the Eden’s Promise raid. Like its competitors (World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, etc.), Final Fantasy 14 contains in-game events to encourage players to log in and play to earn special rewards.

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Square Enix announced via the official Final Fantasy 14 YouTube channel the release window for the game’s next expansion, Endwalker. Set to release in Fall 2021, Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker will continue the events of Shadowbringers as fans go to war with the Garlean Empire. Endwalker also introduces a new job (class) to the game: Sage. Touted as a healer, the Sage will be responsible for keeping other players alive during the game’s cooperative group content.

FF14 is a somewhat unique MMO in terms of combat mechanics. Players can chain certain abilities together depending on their class to execute devastating combo attacks while also relying on traditional MMO elements, such as procs, buffs, and debuffs. Moreover, any starting character can acquire any of the game’s various jobs, with fans able to possess up to three jobs (classes) per character and switch between them to fulfill different roles depending on their mood, fellow adventurers, and the nature of the content they are tackling.

While the title’s early days were rocky at best, Square Enix has taken significant strides in improving upon the distateful glitches, bugs, and underwhelming gameplay mechanics present in Final Fantasy 14’s original launch in 2010. When the game relaunched with its first expansion (A Realm Reborn) in 2014, it was basically considered an entirely new game, and a major improvement over the lackluster original. Since then, each expansion has capitalized on the turnaround’s momentum, and Endwalker seems poised to continue the trend.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC.

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