Fast 9 Video Reveals How They Made New Trailer Stunt


Director Justin Lin reveals how much time & effort went into making one crazy Fast & Furious 9 car stunt that was featured in its latest trailer.

A new Fast & Furious 9 video reveals how one insane car stunt from the movie was filmed. Director Justin Lin returns to the car-centric franchise to helm its final three movies. In his first installment back, he makes sure that he’s honoring the series’ penchant for outrageous action sequences as hinted in its new trailer.

F9 will see Dom assembling his crew back for a new mission. This time, he will face-off against Jakob — his and Mia’s estranged brother. Clearly, there’s bad blood between the Toretto men; although it’s uncertain how Mia fits in their complicated dynamic, she is sticking by Dom’s side as revealed in marketing for the movie. What makes Jakob more dangerous, other than the fact that he’s hell-bent on killing Dom, is that he’s backed up by Cipher, the primary villain of Fate of the Furious and is expected to play a pivotal part for the rest of The Fast Saga.

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The new F9 trailer doesn’t give anything new in terms of the movie’s narrative, but it debuts a new action set piece. In it, a car traverses what appears to be a grocery shop to get into a truck that’s in a parallel street. According to Lin, this short scene took eight months to prepare, four days of filming, and three destroyed cars to make. Check out the accompanying behind-the-scenes video shared by the director below:

There’s not really any context as to what’s happening in the said scene, but even if it’s just four seconds, chances are that it plays a significant part in F9‘s overall narrative. Assuming that the trailer is not misleading, Letty appears to be pretty stoked about pulling off the move which backs up this idea. While The Fast Saga is known for its over-the-top car stunts, they try to justify their existence for the most part. So for Lin, the cast and crew to put this much time and resource into a single shot could mean that it’s important to what Dom and his crew are trying to achieve at this point in the movie.

As exciting as this particular scene was in the new Fast & Furious 9 trailer, it’s still the character moments that have been drawing most of the attention from viewers. There’s a shot of Dom’s “la familia” doing their traditional meal after a successful mission which also includes the Tokyo Drift gang. There’s also a shot of the Shaw matriarch, Magdalene, finally getting to drive, although no signs of her children in the movie. Then, of course, more of Han Lue, whose return from the dead will be a focal point of the blockbuster.

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  • F9/Fast & Furious 9 (2021)Release date: May 28, 2021

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