Falcon & The Winter Soldier Super Bowl Trailer Breakdown: 10 Story Reveals


Marvel released a new trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Disney+ TV series at the Super Bowl, and here’s our breakdown of all the major takeaways and Easter eggs. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 was sadly delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it is becoming a reality at last in 2021. But the MCU is changing shape, with Marvel Studios taking advantage of the Disney+ streaming service to release a number of TV shows that will intertwine closely with the movies themselves. The first of these, WandaVision, has proven a tremendous success; but March will see the launch of the second MCU Disney+ show, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier.

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Marvel and Disney have long used Super Bowl for high-profile trailer drops, and fans eagerly anticipated a second look at The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. They were not disappointed, with the release of a full-length two-minute trailer that blends previously-seen footage with some stunning new shots and some exciting reveals. What’s more, this new trailer drops some tantalizing hints about the actual story, finally confirming the role of Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo – the villain who tore the Avengers apart in Captain America: Civil War, and is returning on Disney+.

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In stylistic terms, the trailer confirms this Disney+ show is very much in the style of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier. A number of these scenes have been seen before, so here are all the major new takeaways and Easter eggs from what promises to be an action-packed spy drama.

10. Falcon & Winter Soldier Being Debriefed

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Debrief

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer opens with a shot suggesting Sam and Bucky are working for some sort of espionage agency, and they’re reporting in for a debrief. The scene is clearly being played in part for comedy, with the unidentified woman conducting the debrief treating them like a bickering married couple. As amusing as this may be, though, the shot is devoid of new information; there are no logos in this room, nor is the woman wearing a lanyard. It looks as though she’s attempting to get Sam and Bucky to work together, though, because she opens by asking Bucky, “Why does Sam aggravate you?

9. A Glimpse Of What May Be Madripoor

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Madripoor

A number of set photos are set in what appears to be a futuristic Asian city, and this is most likely the fictional island nation of Madripoor; Falcon & Winter Soldier set photos clearly showed the Madripoor flag, suggesting the two Avengers will be heading to this infamous X-Men location. Best described as the Mos Eisley Cantina of the X-Men comics, Madripoor is a tropical island dominated by a single city that is divided into two sections – Hightown and Lowtown. Both are equally corrupt, and Hightown typically serves as a tax haven used by criminal organizations and terrorists. Most of the action looks to be in Hightown. It’s certainly exciting to see Marvel integrate former Fox properties like Madripoor into the MCU so quickly, and it will be interesting to see if there are any references to some of Hightown’s residents from the comics – many of whom are tied to Wolverine.

8. Baron Zemo’s Comic Book Mask

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Zemo Mask

Daniel Brühl is returning as Baron Zemo, a classic Captain America villain who made his debut in Captain America: Civil War. Comic book fans were disappointed with Zemo’s portrayal in Captain America: Civil War, because he’d been switched up quite significantly and didn’t even wear his classic purple mask from the comics. But it seems the film was only the beginning of Zemo’s story, and in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer viewers get their first glimpse of that iconic mask. Marvel has made Zemo’s mask a major part of the show’s promotion, and it was only a matter of time before it appeared in a trailer.

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7. Baron Zemo’s Mission Is Unfinished

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Zemo Memorial

There’s been intense speculation over Zemo’s role in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, with some indications he may actually wind up working with Sam and Bucky. But the Super Bowl trailer confirms Zemo is still the bad guy, because he intends to finish his mission and rid the world of superheroes. In the MCU, Baron Zemo’s family died as a result of the Avengers’ actions in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and he blames the heroes for the tragedy. While the world is grieving for its lost heroes after the events of Avengers: Endgame, it looks as though Zemo intends to take advantage of the chaos after the blip to continue wreaking havoc. One shot shows him return to the Sokovian Memorial, and the words written on it can be translated from Serbian Cyrillic to read, “A sign in memory of…

6. Flag-Smasher’s Terrorist Group

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Trailer Flag Smasher

Baron Zemo isn’t the only villain in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, though; the Super Bowl trailer shows a group of terrorists who have donned mysterious masks. Tie-in merchandise has confirmed this is the logo of Flag-Smasher, traditionally a terrorist opposed to nationalism who launched a spate of attacks on what he called “symbols of world separatism.” That naturally means he hates everything Captain America stands for. The MCU’s Flag-Smasher seems to have been gender-swapped, and is a formidable enough fighter to give the Winter Soldier a run for his money in one later shot.

5. Sam Wilson & Captain America’s Shield

Falcon and Winter Soldier Sam Holding Shield

Avengers: Endgame ended with Steve Rogers choosing Sam Wilson as the next Captain America, but unfortunately it looks as though the US Government has other ideas. In truth, Sam will have some difficulty making a strong case for why he should be Steve Rogers’ successor, simply because he’s probably holding out on Cap’s true fate. Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s “In Memoriam” section suggested the Avengers claimed Captain America died battling Thanos, rather than reveal to the world they had figured out how to travel in time. And so, rather than honor Rogers’ wish, the US Government is set to appoint their own Captain America – the US Agent. One shot in the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer shows Sam Wilson in full military dress staring mournfully at the shield. It’s likely he’s just been told to give it up.

4. Sharon Carter Confronts Sam & Bucky

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Sharon Carter

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier features the return of Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter, niece of Captain America’s great love Peggy Carter. Merchandise has confirmed Sharon is on the run for breaking the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, when she stole Captain America’s shield and Falcon’s wings in order to arm the fugitive Avengers. If Sharon wasn’t snapped when Thanos erased half the life in the universe, then she could have been a fugitive herself for seven years now.

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Sharon didn’t exactly get a lot of character development in the Captain America films – she was basically just another love interest for Steve Rogers, albeit a rather disturbing one given he’d been in love with her aunt. But the Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer confirms she’ll be a force to be reckoned with now, in an excellent action sequence showcasing Sharon’s combat skills. She’s clearly one of SHIELD’s best, explaining how she’s managed to evade her pursuers for so long.

3. Falcon’s Wings Are A Shield

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer Sam Wings Shield

Sam Wilson may have given up Steve Rogers’ shield, but that doesn’t mean he’s defenseless; as seen in Captain America: Civil War, he’s able to use his own wings as a bulletproof shield as well. The Super Bowl trailer for The Falcon & The Winter Soldier shows just how skilled Falcon is with his wings, as he effortlessly transitions from outstanding wing-propelled acrobatics to defending himself in a matter of moments.

2. Sam Throws The Shield

Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sam Shield

One of the most exciting shots in the Super Bowl trailer shows Falcon throwing Captain America’s shield. This is actually the first shot we’ve had to date of Sam using the shield in action, rather than either training with it or – most likely – about to give it up. In the comics, the US Agent proved a singularly unworthy Captain America, going rogue; assuming the story plays out the same way in the MCU, this shot may be towards the end of the series, with Sam grabbing a shield whose legacy has been sullied and claiming it as his own.

1. The Debrief Becomes A Staring Contest

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Staring Contest

The Falcon & Winter Soldier Super Bowl trailer uses the debrief as a framing device, beginning and ending with the typical Marvel humor. Now, the dynamic between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes feels rather more like two children who refuse to get along, and they’re locked in what seems to be a staring contest. It’s entirely possible the two are deliberately acting up in order to wind up the woman who is debriefing them – and if so, it looks like their trick is working.

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