Every Stardrop In Stardew Valley (& How To Get Them)


Stardew Valley uses a special item to expand a player’s energy bar, and these Stardrops can be earned in a number of different ways through the game.

There are many ways that players can challenge themselves in Stardew Valley. Doing daily chores like farming, fishing, and caring for livestock increase abilities that give players a boost when selling goods or doing tasks. However, players can’t increase their daily energy limit by leveling up these abilities, or through normal gameplay. Instead, increasing energy requires a special item called a “Stardrop”, which can be obtained via a number of different requirements throughout the game.

A Stardrop is a small, purple fruit that the player consumes upon receiving it. After the Stardrop is eaten, the player’s energy points are permanently increased by 34. There are 7 total Stardrops players can find in Stardew Valley, and they each range in difficulty to obtain. Once the player has eaten all 7, they will have a maximum energy bar limit of 508 points. This is ideal for players who enjoy delving deep into the Skull Cavern, or who don’t want to have to pause in their daily actions to have a snack when their energy levels start to run low.

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When a player finds and eats a Stardrop, they will get an interesting text box in reaction. The flavor of the Stardrop will remind the player’s character of whatever their “Favorite Thing” happens to be. According to the Stardew Valley Fan Wiki, if the player inserts “Concerned Ape” as the character’s favorite thing as the beginning of the game, the dialogue box will include a cute “thank you” from the developer in the textbox. If the player has written in “Stardew”, the dialogue will change to say that the character has “an unwavering connection to the valley itself”.

How To Get All 7 Stardrops In Stardew Valley

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Collecting every one of the 7 Stardrops in Stardew Valley will take the player time and dedication. While a few are available early on in the game, giving a much needed energy boost to the original 270 energy points a player has to start with, others require time-consuming task completion and strategy in order to obtain them. Because of this, the following Stardrop list will be ranked in level of in-game acquisition difficulty.

  • Stardrop 1 – The easiest Stardrop to get is available during the Stardew Valley Fair on the 16th of fall. Players can earn Star Tokens by playing the games set up around the fair, and then they can trade the Star Tokens in for prizes. One of the prizes players can purchase is a Stardrop, costing 2,000 Star Tokens. The fastest way to earn Star Tokens is by playing the Spinning Wheel and betting on green every time, as there is a 75% chance the arrow will land on the color each spin.
  • Stardrop 2 – The next Stardrop can be obtained by reaching level 100 of the Mine in the mountains. Players can reach level 100 fairly quickly if they mine every day, and invest in decent weapons early on. They will also want to regularly upgrade their pick-axe. With hard work, players can often get the Stardrop by the end of Winter during their first year, if not sooner.
  • Stardrop 3 – Krobus sells a Stardrop in the Sewers 20,000g at his shop. The hardest part about this Stardrop is unlocking the sewers, which requires a player to donate 60 items to the museum in order to obtain the Rusty Key from Gunther. While the Stardrop can be a bit expensive for players who manage to unlock the Sewer early in the game, it won’t vanish if a player decides to wait a bit to purchase it.
  • Stardrop 4 – Once the player has upgraded to a steel axe, they will be able to clear the log that blocks the entrance to the Secret Woods. By purchasing a Rare Seed from the Traveling Cart in spring or summer, they can grow the seed into a Sweet Gem Berry in the fall and bring it to the Secret Woods to offer to the stone statue Old Master Cannoli. Doing so will award the player with another Stardrop.

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  • Stardrop 5Marriage in Stardew Valley is a commitment, and building a relationship doesn’t end after the rings are exchanged. Once a player marries their spouse, and they have reached 12.5 hearts, they will receive a Stardrop as a gift from their partner. However, if a player chooses to erase their partner’s memory and start a new relationship with another NPC in town, they will not get another Stardrop by reaching 12.5 hearts again.
  • Stardrop 6 – Players who have dedicated their efforts to finishing the Museum displays will receive a Stardrop after reaching the achievement “A Complete Collection”. This requires a player to donate all 95 artifacts, minerals, and gemstones to the museum. Because players are at the mercy of chance when it comes to what Artifact Spots will spawn when hit, or when they will find rarer minerals while mining, this Stardrop can take a while to achieve.
  • Stardrop 7 – The hardest Stardrop to obtain is awarded when a player reaches the achievement “Master Angler”. This goal is met when a player catches every fish in the game. There are 83 species of fish in Stardew Valley, including 5 Legendary Fish, that have special requirements to be caught. Certain fish only appear during specific seasons, times of day, and weather. They also range in catch difficulty. Because of the challenge that comes with the achievement, players will likely be grinding to get this Stardrop well past finding the others.

Finding all 7 Stardrops in the game will award Stardew Valley players with the achievement “Mystery of the Stardrops”, as well as the full bar of energy points. While it isn’t required that players find all the Stardrops available to enjoy Stardew Valley, the challenge of finding each one is a great way for fans who have accomplished goals like the Community Center Bundles to set a new goal. There is also the possibility that new Stardrops could be added in future game updates, as Stardew Valley is known for releasing regular batches of new content for players to enjoy, like the Stardew Valley 1.5 update including Ginger island. These challenges and updates are part of what has helped Stardew Valley stay relevant for fans over the past five years.

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Stardew Valley is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Source: Stardew Valley Fan Wiki

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