Destruction AllStars Needs Mario Kart Power-Ups


Destruction AllStars fails to match the entertaining gameplay of other arcade-style games and desperately needs something like Mario Kart’s power-ups.

Destruction AllStars recently released on PlayStation 5, and it feels like it disappeared just as quickly as people realized it existed. While the concept of an arcade-style, vehicular destruction derby sounds fun, Destruction AllStars‘ lackluster gameplay isn’t nearly good enough to maintain player interest, and the addition of a system like Mario Kart’s power-ups could be the only chance the game has at surviving.

Destruction AllStars is a fairly straightforward demolition derby game. Players have a wide cast of characters to choose from, each with their own special ability, and winning a Destruction AllStars match is, essentially, a matter of causing more destruction than everyone else. It’s a fun premise that harkens back to the days of Twisted Metal. But, while the game is incredibly accessible, being a free PlayStation Plus game and fairly easy to play, it’s missing something.

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Destruction AllStars would greatly benefit from the addition of a power-up system like the one found in Mario Kart. The arenas in Destruction AllStars are a bit too large and can result in players constantly chasing each other back and forth, rather than colliding with each other. The addition of Mario Kart-style power ups could introduce items that help players pursue their targets and spend less time chasing. A chain that pulls a fleeing car backward, for example, or an explosive item able to be left behind as a trap would go a long way in cutting down the amount of time spent following cars. Destruction AllStars is at its best when players are crashing vehicles into each other, and the game needs to do more to encourage that.

Adding More Content To Destruction AllStars Isn’t The Answer

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While its PS5 exclusivity doesn’t give Destruction AllStars quite the same audience as Rocket League or Fall Guys, it’s also just missing that unique “something” that made those games catch on. Developer Lucid Games has already announced more Destruction AllStars content lined up for the next year, but that likely won’t be enough to make players want to keep playing. Adding new game modes and arenas is always an easy choice to sustain a game, but Destruction AllStars‘ problem is in its core gameplay. There’s just not a whole lot of variety to keep it interesting.

In its current state, Destruction AllStars is the kind of game many will try once or twice and then move on. Cars ramming into each other only has so much entertainment value before it gets boring. It’s more than possible that Destruction AllStars is just an O.K. game that will never blow up or gain a substantial amount of popularity. But if it aims to become one of those games, it needs something like Mario Kart power-ups to be added in order to hold players’ attention.

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