Deadpool May be Essential to the King in Black’s Victory


The latest issue of Deadpool ties into Marvel’s King in Black, and it would not be good at all if Knull corrupted the new King of Monsters.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Deadpool #10 from Kelly Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Deadpool, the King of Monsters took on the forces of the King in Black. Wade Wilson mustered up a brand new team of monsters to fight large symbiote dragons under Knull’s command, and they nearly bonded with the Merc with a Mouth, which suggests a dangerous concept: if Knull were to at some point assimilate Wade into his symbiote legions, the rest of Marvel’s heroes might as well just give up. This is a few reasons, the main one being that Knull would then have a symbiote host that could never be killed.

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In Deadpool #10 from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Gerardo Sandoval, Wade and his “elite” chosen subjects assembled to face off against a giant symbiote dragon attacking Wade’s domain, which is now known as Deadpoolopolis (formerly Staten Island). Unfortunately, there were some losses in the battle, such as the potential death of Mister Frosty (a snowman and lover of cold puns). However, all of the gathered warriors were giving it their all in service to their King of Monsters nonetheless.

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Unfortunately, Wade’s adorable land shark known as Jeff got too close to the dragon, and was quickly turned into a corrupted symbiote version of his normally cute self. This led to Jeff biting and infecting Wade when he tried to help his little friend, which could have spelled disaster for the entire Marvel Universe, had Wade not taken measures to prevent himself from being bonded, cutting off the infected arm. No way Deadpool was going to let himself become corrupted, which would have left him with no choice but to join the King in Black’s forces.

Wade’s new love interest Elsa Bloodstone hit it right on the head: Deadpool can’t die. If Knull were to get his hands on him, he’d have an invaluable host to influence and command, quite literally unopposed. This is why it was so important for Deadpool to cut off his infected limb. However, who’s to say Knull won’t try again, as his invasion is still going on even after this issue? Not only that, but the the Deo Monstri cult did reveal a prophecy suggesting that the Symbiote God could be the monster god they’d been waiting for to kill the King of Monsters. Not only would Knull have an indestructible host, but said host would also grant him command of the entire island of monsters. According to monster law, they’d have no choice but to obey him, perhaps even without being bonded to symbiotes themselves.

While the symbiote dragon was eventually defeated and Deadpool was able to free Jeff from his symbiote infection, it’s still possible that Knull could attempt to claim such a powerful host again as the Marvel crossover event continues. Deadpool seems to think Knull isn’t the guy and another monster god is coming down the line, but the threat of Knull is still currently ongoing. Wade could very well become essential to Knull’s plans. Could a knullified Deadpool make the Symbiote God too powerful in King in Black? Only time will tell as the epic crossover continues from Marvel Comics.

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