Angenette Shocks Fans By Celebrating With Chantel


The Family Chantel’s Angenette Wylie shocked fans by celebrating both mother-in-law Karen and sister-in-law Chantel this week for their birthdays.

The Family Chantel is a show known for its drama, and Angenette Wylie was on the receiving end of the Everett family suspicions for the show’s second season. The wife of Royal Everett appeared to have put the drama aside to celebrate sister-in-law Chantel’s 30th birthday to the surprise of her followers.

Chantel and her husband Pedro Jimeno were introduced to audiences on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé. While Pedro was faced with problems due the overprotective Everett parents, Karen and Thomas, for the show and the first season of the family’s spin-off, Angenette was the one under fire for season 2. The Filipina became engaged to Atlanta native Royal, which caused the nosy Everett family to turn their suspicions to her. Angenette was then faced with criticism and suspicion from her future in-laws, with Chantel and Karen especially giving her a hard time. Fans even accused the Everett women of trying to upstage Angenette at her own wedding, though the event was largely drama free. Since the second season of the show concluded, Angenette and Royal have remained happily married and appear to be doing well. In fact, Angenette is getting along with her in-laws for the first time.

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Angenette shocked fans this week by sharing a photo of herself, Royal, and Chantel for Chantel’s 30th birthday bash. Chantel previously traveled to Cancun for a well-documented celebration with her closest female friends for her February 2 birthday. This trip did not include Angenette or Chantel’s husband, but Pedro was recorded serenading his wife at the airport. Angenette took to her Instagram account on Saturday to share a photo of herself with Royal and Chantel with the caption, “With the birthday girl!” This is the second surprise Angenette has given fans this week, as the Filipina beauty was also present for mother-in-law Karen’s 55th birthday bash. The family enjoyed a low-key and celebratory birthday at home that featured Karen, Thomas, River, Winter, Royal and Angenette.

Royal and Angenette

Birthdays appear to be a huge deal for Chantel, who has been celebrating up a storm this week despite the ongoing pandemic. While fans have been praising the beauty for her style and wishing her a happy birthday, the reality star’s Instagram comment section is also filled with criticism for her traveling. It appears as though Chantel had another big event planned to celebrate her big day with family upon her return. Angenette shared to her Instagram Story a menu titled “Happy 30th Birthday Chantel” that took place Friday night. The extravagant feast included a mixed greens salad with a choice of braised short ribs, miso Scottish salmon or roasted chicken. The meal was finished off with assorted petite desserts.

With Angenette appearing to put her problems with Karen and Chantel aside, perhaps the wife of Royal won’t have to experience too much drama on the third season of The Family Chantel. Though the TLC reality series has yet to be renewed, it is expected to return for another season of drama and romance.

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