Andrew Gray Updates Fans On Relationship Status on IG


A cliffhanger ending had fans wondering, are Kelly and Andrew together? So the Red Ranger took to IG with strong words about his relationship.

Netflix’s Bling Empire follows the escapades of the wealthy Asian elite, and though the cast is full of larger-than-life characters, a major source of drama in season 1 was the relationship between Kelly Mi Li and Andrew Gray. Even after the show, the tumultuous couple has fans wondering, are they still together? Kelly has been vocal about the state of her relationship, but Andrew has been more tight-lipped, at least until a recent Instagram post where he spilled his heart.

From early on in the season, fans weren’t exactly rooting for the couple. After an explosive blowup via cell phone on a trip to Paris, fans and Anna Shay weren’t feeling Kelly and Andrew’s relationship. The verbal altercation sent the pair to couples therapy. Ultimately, the therapy wasn’t enough at the time and Kelly decided to end the relationship. But the connection between Kelly and Andrew is strong, and season 1 ended on a cliffhanger that implied the couple were reconciling. Fans have wanted an update on their relationship status since the show ended, and although Kelly chatted it up on Netflix Afterparty, Andrew was conspicuously absent. But now he’s made his feelings known in a lengthy Instagram post.

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The new photo shows Andrew and Kelly kissing on a boat, and in the caption Andrew doesn’t hold back his feelings for his girlfriend. “Almost 6 years later, my heart still skips a beat every time you walk in the room,” he says. Andrew seems extremely grateful that Kelly gave him another chance, and confirmed that they are still together, saying, “thank you for not giving up on us. You are my best friend, my soulmate, and the love of my love.

In the post, Andrew expands upon how much he loves Kelly and all her wonderful qualities. He also takes ownership of the ways his behavior jeopardized their relationship, admitting, “We had to break up, we had to break the cycle.” Although Andrew feels his relationship with Kelly on Bling Empire was misrepresented, he still realizes that his behavior on their Paris trip was unacceptable, saying he “fell short.” He said his actions were being shaped by the unresolved “anger, insecurities, and traumas” from his past. Andrew mentions continued therapy as a key factor in helping him salvage his relationship with Kelly.

Though their time on the show was rocky, the couple seems to be doing better than ever, and Kelly just took to her own Instagram to share her love for Andrew on his birthday. Perhaps in Bling Empire season 2 fans will see a rosier side to Kelly and Andrew’s relationship.

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